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Do you have air conditioning in your home? What happiness when it starts to get hot. But to keep a healthy air and a material with optimal performance, a little maintenance is necessary. Wondering how to maintain my air conditioning? At what frequency?How to clean my air conditioner? Answer all your questions.

To ensure a long life for your fixed or mobile air conditioner, regular maintenance is essential. How to clean your air conditioner yourself? What is the maintenance required for an air conditioning? What is the price of maintenance of air conditioning by a professional?

Answers to all your questions!

Maintain air conditioning, know everything

Do you plan to install an air conditioning system? Already have air conditioning? Whether reversible, fixed or mobile, beyond the conventional maintenance that you can do yourself, the intervention of a professional is necessary for cleaning and a check of the proper functioning.

When it works, the air conditioning is adored, but when it breaks down, it’s always at the worst time, when it’s very hot! Which is normal, since it is at this moment that you ask for it the most? It is in these moments that we regret not having followed the maintenance recommendations of his installer. The ac service company happens to be there now.

With a few quick gestures and a regular check-up, you can save yourself from some worries.

Price of an air conditioning maintenance and repair contract

To ensure the best use of your air conditioning, it is recommended to subscribe to a maintenance contract upon purchase. But it all depends on the air conditioning system you have chosen:

  • If your system is a backup solution, consisting of a mobile air conditioner, whether monobloc or split, maintenance will be reduced compared to installation and maintenance of a reversible air conditioning.
  • If you have a reversible air conditioning, be aware that the regulations require the professional to check the tightness of the refrigerant circuit for devices containing more than 2 kg of fluid or appliances with a cooling capacity greater than 12kW.
  • This inspection must take place every 5 years at least, the first inspection must be carried out 3 years after the commissioning of the air conditioning with a cooling capacity greater than 12 kW. This tightness control is often included in the maintenance contract of your air conditioning.The rate of maintenance of an air conditioning is between 80 and 150 euros depending on the equipment.

Maintain an air conditioner or split mobile: a great cleaning

You want to keep a device ensuring good thermal performance and this for as long as possible? Some gestures will allow you this:

The filter must be changed and a complete cleaning must be performed when servicing your mobile air conditioner: ventilation and condensation systems, ducts and ventilation ducts.


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