Removing Urine Stain and Odor of Dogs and Cats

The Pet urine Remover has been specially developed for the removal of fresh urine stains from dogs or cats. This product ensures that fresh urine stains of dogs and cats can not lead to stubborn (bleach) spots and odor nuisance. If a urine spot of a pet is left untreated, this spot can continue to give off fragrance for up to 5 years.

Working method Pet Urine Remover

Pet urine Remover is not a so-called masking agent that works on the basis of odors. The uniqueness of this product is that it breaks down the molecules of the urine and neutralizes the odor. The Pet Odor Remover method ensures that no harmful solvents or bleaching agents are required.

Pet Odor Remover is safe to use on all types of carpet and rugs. No harmful substances for humans or animals enter your living environment. Read the instructions on the bottle carefully before use and test the product in an inconspicuous place.

What to do with old urine spots?

Older urine spots of dogs or cats can be pulled deep into the carpet or carpet so that they cannot be completely removed with Pet urine Remover. The craftsman of your house can offer a solution for removing older stains. There are a range of professional stain removal products that are not available in the store or online.

How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell Yard

Most are the times that we train the dogs not to eliminate the inside and to forget that we must also train on the place where to piss on the outside. It is very common to have damage to the lawn with blemish stains and damage to the grass if you have a pet. This is due to the high concentration of nitrogen compounds and salts on a small part of the grass causing burning and death of the bunch. Dogs tend to score peeing points with their smell- they will return to the same place over and over. Accumulation of dog urine in the same spots can cause unpleasant odors.

How to Remove Court Dog Urine Smell with Regular Water

Water is one of the simplest forms of lawn treatment for dog urine odor and burns. It is natural and poses no risk to animals and children playing around in the yard. Saturate the area that has been urinated with a watering can as soon as the dog pees. This is most effective if done as soon as possible. The use of water eliminates not only the odor, but also the compound neutralizes nitrogen and reduces the effect of combustion. You can add crushed citrus zests in the water for a pleasant scent.

Except this baking soda may appear as one of the cheapest and most effective air fresheners that can be used effectively at home to eliminate the outside smell of dog urine.

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