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Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning systems provides for partial disassembly of indoor units, cleaning of all units involved in air exchange (heat exchanger, filters, drainage bath, etc.) from contamination, and subsequent disinfection.

Cleaning and disinfecting ventilation

The company professionally performs cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems of any configuration, power, as well as work on monitoring the status of ventilation systems, based on the equipment of the company. The right deals for the Air duct cleaning San Antonio comes right there.

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How is the cleaning of ventilation systems from dust deposits?

  1. Equipment allows cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems without disassembly, in areas up to 40 m through technological hatches, the location of which is determined by the capabilities of the equipment, accessibility, therefore, for each ventilation system individually. To clean one section, two technological holes are required, one for feeding the working shaft into the air duct, the second for connecting the extractor, which, in essence, is a powerful, mobile exhaust system that creates an air flow in the duct section to be cleaned that can move even large debris.
  2. For the production of works, it is necessary to ensure the closure of the area in need of cleaning, in order to avoid the ingress of dusty substrate from the surface of the air ducts to the rooms where the cleaning is performed. This task is performed by a barrier cylinder that restricts the area to be cleaned.
  3. After connecting the extractor, installing the barrier cylinder through the opening at the beginning of the area to be cleaned, the shaft is fed with a brush, which is being cleaned. The contaminated products of the air ducts are picked up by the air flow and trapped in the filter installation. The rotation of the brushes can be electromechanical, in this case disinfection is performed after cleaning, i.e. after cleaning, a flexible shaft for disinfection is supplied to the duct connected to the disinfectant dispenser with a brush and nozzles at the end to evenly disinfect disinfectant. It can be pneumatically combined with a disinfectant spraying device, in this case disinfection is performed almost simultaneously with cleaning.
  • After cleaning and disinfection technological openings are closed with special hatches. The tightness of the hatches ensures no negative effects on the work of the systems being cleaned.

How is the cleaning of ventilation systems from fat deposits?

The procedure for cleaning air ducts from fat deposits is almost the same as dust cleaning. The ventilation network is also divided into sections by closing the control valves or installing barrier cylinders. Only in the case of cleaning from fat the length of the cleaned area should not exceed 15 meters. This parameter is determined by the length of the standard hose, through which dry ice is fed from the machine to the nozzle of the robot.

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